Countdown Day 3 | ….musikalisches Goodbye

Ich hab mir gedacht, ich muss als Gefühlsjunkie meine Emotionen musikalisch ausdrücken…. ein emotionaler Abschied von meiner Vergangenheit…

Hört euch die Texte an.. manchmal sprechen sie einem so viel mehr aus dem Herzen als jede Zeile die ich jemals geschrieben habe!

I love you…. Stupid…..meine Liebe ist nicht von dieser Welt …. ich werd dich nie vergessen…I want to be in Love…. ich schau nicht mehr zurück…

I love you
Oh and every time I’m close to you
There’s too much I can’t say
And you just walk away

And I forgot to tell you I love you
And the night’s too long
And cold here without you

I grieve in my condition
For I cannot find the words to say I need you so bad

I need you so bad


Love has made me a fool Set me on fire and watched as I  floundered Unable to speak Except to cry out and wait for your answer

But you come around in your time Speaking of fabulous  places, create an oasis That dries up as soon as you’re gone You leave me  here burning In this desert without you

Everything changes Everything falls apart I can’t stand  to feel myself losing control In the deep of my weakness I know

How stupid could I be? A simpleton could see That you’re  no good for me But you’re the only one I see


I have climbed the highest mountain I have sailed across the sea I have wrestled with my demons And woke up with only me I have been around the block Three times maybe four And I think I deserve just a little more

In front of total strangers won’t you kiss me Flowers for no reason but you miss me Oh I want to be in love You’re standing on the doorstep in the rain Cause you couldn’t wait to see me once again Oh I want to be in love

I have made some big mistakes And I’ve paid a heavy price I found a little peace between will and sacrifice I have watched as all my dreams Went walking out the door And I think I deserve just a little more!!!

I’m looking for a hand to hold A happy end Strong and kind Somewhere to rest my troubled mind

Yeah, surprise me as I’m stepping off the plane Take my hand as they play our song again Oh I want to be in love


Take care!

Euer Sam

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